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Our Story

Cards in Ribbon


As President of Cards of Compassion, I am excited to share my passion for kindness and bringing opportunities to people who want to volunteer, in whatever capacity they can.


Cards of Compassion began as a simple gesture when a friend of mine, a strong and independent cancer survivor, needed to leave her home and go to senior housing for physical rehabilitation. I wanted to give her encouragement and flood her with care and kindness. I invited her friends from our meditation center and my neighbors on NextDoor to send her cards.

It soon became apparent that not only was my friend going to benefit from a huge outpouring of support, but my neighbors welcomed the opportunity to contribute in some small way. This happened in the middle of the pandemic. People were quarantined in their homes, unable to help others safely. Many neighbors wanted to be helpful to others but either did not know how or were physically unable. My neighbors embraced the opportunity to send their kind words to my friend. When I realized just how much impact the simple act of sending a card was for both the recipient and the sender,  I knew I had to start Cards of Compassion.

Thank you for being a part of our mission and community. 

Sue Young

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