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Send a Traditional Card


We welcome handmade or store-bought greeting cards!

Send a card to a recipient that will bring joy and include an uplifting message. These cards are sent to people who may be strangers, but we are connected to them by our compassion for them, and the voices of our community support can uplift them. Cards of Compassion will collect these cards and bundle them together. We then send the Bundle of Joy cards to our recipients with their situation in mind.​

Not Sure What to Say?

We recommend uplifting messages that reinforce that there is someone who cares about our recipients. It is important for those who are in need of kindness to know that they are not alone during whatever journey they are on. For ideas and inspiration click below.


Get Creative! Get Involved!

Encourage children to draw pictures or make a card. Send love from your pets. Involve your Scout troop or other groups seeking community service opportunities. Collect cards at your religious or civil organization.

Mail Your Cards

Mail your cards to:

Cards of Compassion

102 West Main Street #1006

New Albany, OH 43054

You can mail several cards together in one large envelope. Cards of Compassion will collect, prepare, and send the cards bundled together with a colorful bow.

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