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Nominate a Friend, Family Member, or Someone From Your Community

Couple with Card

Our mission is to serve people of all ages and situations who could be uplifted by the voices of community support. We help bring compassion and kindness with each card.

We are always looking for recipients. Nominating someone you know is safe, easy, and rewarding. It is our goal to spread our compassion to anyone who could benefit from our program. Whether they are dealing with an illness, fighting with emotional or mental stress, or feeling isolated, or celebrating a birthday, they are all beautiful people to be recognized and given kindness and support.

Please feel free to nominate yourself if you would like us to support you!


It is essential that Cards of Compassion protect those we are serving. Personal information about your recipient is never shared with the public or our volunteers. All cards and correspondences are processed through Cards of Compassion.

Because grief is a personal and difficult situation, we are not accepting any more Sympathy cards. We are only accepting nominations for persons in The United States of America at this time. We cannot send cards to prison inmates due to regulations.

To learn more or nominate a recipient please fill out the Contact Form button below:

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