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Its Time For Holiday Cards!


We Are Now Asking For Holiday & Christmas Cards

The holidays can be incredibly lonely or emotional. We want to send our recipients messages of
Joy, Companionship, and Support!

When sending out your own cards this season, please consider sending one card to Cards of Compassion. We will add them to our Bundle of Joy packages and send them to recipients in need of some holiday cheer!

A Connected Community Through Cards
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We Serve Your Family, Your Friends, Your Community​


We accept nominations from you, someone who cares deeply about their loved one.

We offer this service freely, with no obligations.


Our mission is to serve people of all ages and situations who could be uplifted by the voices of community support. Whether they are dealing with an illness, fighting with emotional or mental stress, grieving a loss, feeling isolated, or celebrating a life-changing event, they are all beautiful people to be recognized and given kindness and support.


Click here to learn how to nominate a person to receive cards

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Thank You!


Because of you, Cards of Compassion is able to fulfill our mission to connect a community of volunteers and recipients, sharing kindness and compassion. You are appreciated!